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Equipment | RSD-100 Sonic Heliportable

The RSD-100 Heliportable Sonic Drill was designed and manufactured by Foundex to provide our clients with a high powered Heliportable Sonic Drill that could meet their project demands in remote locations. The RRD-100 Resonant Rotary Drill head, was custom manufactured by Resonant Technologies Inc. This is the world’s first truly resonant drill that maximizes production by continuously tuning to the natural frequency of the casing and soil as depth and soil type changes.

This head does not utilize eccentric masses as conventional Sonic heads do in today’s market. This permits complete control over force, amplitude, power and full force at any frequency, allowing the operator to increase or reduce the amplitude and force to productively drive casing and eliminate breakage and down time.

The revolutionary piston design in this head has fewer moving parts that do not subject eccentric loads to any bearings, thus making it more reliable than conventional Sonic drills.

Equipment Brief

  • Geotechnical Investigations and SPT and Shelby Tube Sampling

  • Continuous Sonic Core Sampling to 500 feet

  • Environmental Drilling and Sampling

  • Grouting, Anchors and Piling

  • Water Supply Wells

  • Offshore Marine Drilling

  • Casing Installation from 3” to 12”


  • RRD –100 kW Resonant Rotational Driver

  • 6 Cylinder, 250 HP liquid cooled Deutz Power pack

  • Two piece modular power pack with electronic over hydraulic controls

  • Power 50 to 160 Hz

  • Force 115kN

  • 4,000 ft / lbs Torque

  • 3 to 6 mm Amplitude

Rig Capacity

  • 4” and 6” Core Systems

  • 70 mm Aqua Lock Sampler Systems

  • 6” Casing

  • 8” Casing

  • Sonic Rotary Drilling and Continuous Sampling to 500 feet

Capacities are contingent on ground conditions and pipe sizes














  • 22,500 lbs Pullback

  • 18,000 Pulldown Feed

  • 100 RPM at 2,950 ft./lbs Torque

  • 85 degree Tilt Out and Off Hole Slide

  • 12 feet of Head Travel

  • 5,000 lbs Main Winch

  • 1,500 lbs Wireline Winch

  • Dual Rotating Breakout Clamp