Welcome to Foundex

We are a specialty geotechnical drilling contractor with a multi-talented group of individuals behind every project. Some of our core staff have been with the company for over 30 years and their combined experience has brought us to the success that we now have. Foundex prides itself on developing specific methodologies to take on unique projects such as geotechnical investigations and a well drilling contractor where we can utilize our talents on a particular challenge.


For over 49 years, we have found ourselves in all sorts of environments, all over the world. From the extreme humidity of the tropics to the blasting cold of the Arctic, to the dry desert heat in Africa. We have worked on the open water, on offshore platforms and drill ships, over ice and tundra with specialized container systems, and on steep jungle slopes and dam faces with cantilevered platforms.


We have manufactured innovative drilling systems, sampling and insitu equipment that we could not buy in the marketplace to undertake special assignments. We can also modify our existing equipment to meet a particular requirement. Our ability to manufacture or fine-tune our equipment, combined with our expertise sets us apart from other drilling contractors.


We are always welcoming new opportunities to continue with the tradition we have set, and always welcome talented individuals to join our team to share their skills and learn new ones.



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