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Safety | Our Philosophy

Safety and Health 

Foundex Explorations Ltd. recognizes that any work carried out as part of our operations must be managed proactively and effectively in order to protect people, property and the environment. We are committed to a strong Environment, Health and Safety Program that protects all employees, contractors, customers, clients, the public, property, and the environment from harm.

Due to our wide industry base and diverse projects, Foundex adheres to the highest industry standards to ensure we are meeting all legislated regulations, local bylaws, and client expectations.

                    Our belief is that all incidents are preventable.
                    Our goal is ZERO incidents.
                    Our goal can be achieved with proactive participation at all levels.

A C.O.R certified company (click here for C.O.R. Information), Foundex strives to generate a culture-based program and ensure the elimination/control of hazards and risk through:

  • development of project-specific safe work practices and procedures

  • providing and ensuring proper employee training and competency

  • preventative maintenance and equipment innovation initiatives

  • established site rules and enforcement

  • reporting and investigation/correction of hazards, near misses, and incidents

  • maintaining suitable project communications through regular meetings with all involved

  • consistent monitoring and re-assessment (inspections, hazard ID and assessment, behavioral observations, etc.)

  • holding all parties accountable for their responsibilities and actions, and

  • recognition of positive performance and behavior

Health and Wellness

Additionally, Foundex has adopted an Alcohol and Drug Program in accordance with the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace, to reduce the risk of incidents where substance use or abuse may be a contributing factor or cause, and to ensure that all employees are fit for duty.