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Company | History

Foundex Explorations Ltd. (FEL) is a Canadian, employee-owned company that has been in the geotechnical drilling business for over 49 years with the head office in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, field operations in Fort McMurray, Alberta and a satellite office in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. We have worked on projects around the world and have one of the most comprehensive inventories of drilling, sampling, coring and insitu testing equipment in the industry. We can deploy a wide range of drilling systems from man-portable drills, to large machines such as our Sonic or our Dual Rotary Barber drills. The proposed drill rigs, systems and methodology for projects will be specifically developed thru the tendering process.

Foundex currently employs upwards of 50 people depending on the current workload. The current management structure is Dave Ward (President), Richard Diggle (Vice President), John Wallace (Operations Manager), Mike Hadzariga (Project Manager), and Josh Gagne (Contracts Manager). We also employ 6 people in our accounting and administration department and 5 full-time shop employees. The balance of our workforce is all operational based from Project Managers, Drilling Supervisors, Drillers, Assistant Drillers and Drill helpers which are the base for Foundex’s Success in which 50% of all employees employed at Foundex average 16 years with the company which brings stability and experience to our operations.

We have successfully completed numerous drilling projects including exploratory wells, geotechnical holes and instrumentation holes with depths in excess of 100 meters. These projects have utilized a variety of specialized custom drilling equipment and proprietary tooling developed by FEL over recent years. Should it be required, references on specific projects can be provided upon request.

It is difficult to express the importance of having a team on-site that is able to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances by modifying methodologies and tooling to suit these situations. This is one of the strongest attributes that Foundex brings to any project.