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Equipment | Grout Plant

Foundex Explorations Ltd. operates numerous grout plant units specifically designed for specialty pumping and grouting projects.

Grout Plant Size Range

  • Man Portable

  • Pick-Up Truck

  • Skid Mounted

  • Truck Mounted

  • Mixing Capacities Range from One to Three Bags per Batch

  • Up to 265 litres of Storage Capacity

Truck Mounted Grout Plant

Our Truck mounted unit is hydraulically driven, self-contained, 900 gallon water tank/storage. It has a mixing and pumping production capacity of thirty (30) cubic feet per hour. It consists of:

  • CG-620 Colloidal Mixer

  • CG-500 High output mixer and pump

  • Progressive Cavity Pump - 200 psi

  • Optional piston pump - 1,000 psi

The CG-620 is a stand-alone colloidal mixer, used with our CG-500 ChemGrout agitating / pumping equipment. Our truck mounted unit features the ChemGrout “Turbomix” colloidal mixing pump with a 13 cubic foot mixing capacity.

The CG-500 series is a high volume production grout plant. This versatile unit is designed to mix and pump neat cement, sanded grouts and most commercial pre-blended grout mixes. These units feature two 70-gallon (265 liters) mixing tanks, a 15-gallon (57 liters) holding hopper and an open throat progressive cavity grout pump. Each mixer is equipped with baffles, bag breakers and variable speed high-efficiency paddles that provide rapid mixing. The tank outlet valves are large slide gates that allow the thickest materials to fall easily into the pump hopper.