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SERVICES | Geotechnical Investigations

Foundex can provide a complete range of drilling services. Our services include, but are not limited to, mineral exploration, water wells, anchoring, grouting, environmental drilling and wells, and explosive compaction. We have extensive experience in geotechnical drilling, sampling and insitu testing. Our Offshore Marine drilling experience in the geotechnical field is unparalleled in Canada. We have developed a skill set based on knowledge and experience and our key personnel have carried this knowledge and expertise to all areas in our field operations.

Geotechnical Sampling

  • Standard Penetration Testing

  • ​Undisturbed Shelby Tube Samples

  • Seismic Cone Penetration Testing

  • Acoustic Cone Penetration Testing

  • Coring (NQ3, HQ3, PQ3)

  • Nitrogen Freeze Samplers

  • PQ Permafrost Coring

  • Overburden Coring / Retractor Coring

  • ​Packer Testing


  • Standpipe Piezometers

  • Pneumatic Piezometers

  • Multi-Port West Bay Piezometers

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers

  • Thermistors

  • Inclinometers

  • Settlement Gauges

  • Extensometers

  • Sondex


​Range of Specialized Equipment

  • Becker Hammer Drills

  • Simco 2800 Top Drive Rotary Rigs

  • Simco 5000 Top Drive Rotary Rigs

  • Off-Road Tracked Carriers

  • Marine Drilling Equipment, Barges and Vessels

  • HT (Helicopter Transportable) 500 to HT 2000
    Top Drive Rotary Rigs

  • Modular and Containerized Drilling Systems

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

  • Electronic Vane Testing Equipment

  • Odex Systems with Down Hole Hammers

  • Hollow Stem and Continuous Augers

  • NQ to PQ Wireline Coring and Packer

  • Grout Plants

  • Mud Chillers

  • Extensive Range of Sampling Tools

  • Mud Cleaning Plants

  • Mud Mixing Plants

  • Wison - APB Wireline CPT & Drilling Equipment

  • Self Elevating Platform