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Services | Water Well

Foundex has installed numerous water wells throughout our history. We are able to install wells in any formation at remote locations utilizing our heliportable HT-500, HT-700 and our HT air compressors. For larger applications, our DR-24 Barber drills can install wells from 6” to 22” diameter and to depths of up to 1,000 feet.

Well Efficiency

In any drilling method, the permeability of the formation around the borehole is reduced. For example, in the cable-tool method, compaction and clay smearing occur. With wet-rotary drilling, fluid infiltrates the aquifer and when reverse circulation is used, water laden with fines often obstructs the formation as a vacuum effect occurs around the bit.

Well Development

Proper well development is critical to any well completion to maximize the efficiency of the well by rehabilitating the aquifer after the disturbance of the drilling action. Fine particles surrounding the well screen must be removed from the area to increase the permeability of the aquifer using air and surge methods in our development procedures.

Well Screen Design and Selection

Screen design and selection is, without question, the most important factor in producing an efficient well. The screen should be designed to serve two basic purposes; to permit unobstructed entry of water into the well, and to allow maximum flow to the formation for development procedures.