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Services | Anchors, Tiedowns & Piles

Foundex equipment and employees have the ability to drill and install all types of anchors and piles. Depending on project requirements and access, we carry a wide variety of drilling equipment to perform the necessary requirements for a successful project.

Some of the specialty equipment we have includes: high shear colloidal grout mixers, digital flow meters for precise placement volumes, grout cube analysis, anchor stressing equipment, specialized high pressure down hole cleaning equipment, verticality controlled drilling methods, Gyro surveys and down hole camera surveys

Foundex has the ability to provide multiple different types of drilling methods to install anchors and piles from our small man portable drills to our Dual Rotary Baber drills. Drill methods vary from air rotary and percussion to large diameter coring in sensitive concrete structures. We have the ability to drill vertical holes to precise tolerances and have developed multiple systems for installing anchors in limited access areas and under extreme environmental conditions.