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Services | Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting is the process of injecting a stiff, mortar-like grout under varying pressures and flow rates, to ensure a homogeneous expanding mass of grout in pre-specified zones of soil.  The surrounding soils from the injection point become densified as the existing soil pour space is reduced by the expanding mass of grout.  The use of controlled flow rates and grout pressures, with proper casing installation and extraction rates, enable the grouting to be performed under water or to form pile shaped structural elements which immediately improve the soil’s characteristics in the area of injection.

Low Mobility Grouting (LMG)

Low Mobility Grout is typically used where the soils are less compactable than that for compaction grouting, and where displacement is the key element for LMG.  This application is more commonly used for void filling, displacement of soft soil, solidification of fractured rock, filling voids in rock fill, and foundation lifting over large areas.


  • Stabilizing soft (collapsible) soils (typically N values of 0-30)

  • Densification of foundation soils

  • Mitigation of liquefaction potential

  • Densification of utility trench backfill soils

  • Foundation leveling or re-leveling

  • Densification of tunnel crowns

  • Sink hole remediation

  • Railroad stabilization

  • LMG piles

  • Artesian well abandonment

  • Well abandonment

  • Filling caverns or voids


  • Allentown Magnum grout pumps

    • 0 to 1700 PSI pumping pressure

    • infinite output flow control

    • 10 cubic ft mixing hoppers

  • Multiple drilling methodologies and equipment types

  • Man-portable auxiliary equipment

  • CPT/SPT testing equipment

  • Electronic monitoring systems