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Services | Horizontal & Directional Drilling


We have completed numerous horizontal drilling projects to lengths in excess of 1,000 feet in overburden and bedrock formations. The majority of our horizontal work has been done using our HT-2000 Top Drive Rotary drill. This drilling system is compact and very powerful, it has 12 feet of head travel with a two speed rotary head; 0 to 830 RPM and 0 to14,000 foot/pounds of torque.

It has 30,000 lbs. of pull down pressure and 40,000 lbs. of pull back pressure. The HT-2000 is modular in design and is capable of being configured on tracked carriers or skid mounted. This drill has also been utilized for drilling on upward inclines for installation of horizontal relief drains and for providing holes for gravity fed water sources.


Foundex performed directional drilling services at CFS Alert on Ellesmere Island in the High Arctic. The 1,000 foot long hole was for the installation of a permanent electrical conduit. The drill hole collared on land and exited in 170 feet of water in order to be free from landlocked ice scour. Foundex performed the drilling in conjunction with designing our own custom made 4.5” full-faced diamond impregnated bits to drill the formation. Directional mud motors were utilized in the drilling process and the controlled steering and survey services were conducted by Computalog.